Episode 5 of the Netflix series Caliphate begins with the brutal murder of Dolores after she has recognised that Ibbe is an ISIS terrorist.  The various stories also continue and Ibbe now has his fertiliser for an attack in Sweden.  How accurate is all this?  You'll have to listen to find out!

How realist is the depiction of ISIS in the Caliphate series? In this podcast, intelligence veteran and terrorism specialist Phil Gurski reviews Netflix Caliphate.

Hey! Ever talked to an incel? Even know what an incel is? In the wake of terrorism charges laid last week in a February killing in Toronto by a teenager/alleged incel I decided to chat with Naama Kates, who runs a podcast called 'The Incel Project'.

Did I ever learn a lot - and you will too!  Have a listen!

Imagine a nuclear war between Russia and China which results in a migrant wave towards Canada. What would the security impact of this be? Could it make us less safe? Listen to Borealis talk with Canadian National Security analyst and author Shawn MacWha.

Check out Shawn's book Eastern Horizons: A Tale of Failure and Redemption

As the ISIS bomb plot in Sweden takes shape we learn more about how young Swedish Muslimas are embracing the terrorist group. In addition the terrorists seem to have 'insiders' everywhere! The plot thickens... listen as Borealis reviews episode 4 of this Netflix series!

How realist is the depiction of ISIS in Caliphate? In this podcast, 30-year intelligence veteran and terrorism specialist Phil Gurski reviews episode 4 of this Netflix series.

A youth in Toronto has been charged with terrorism for the killing of a woman at an erotic massage parlour back in February.  Police have uncovered that the suspect subscribed to the 'incel' movement, a group of sexually-frustrated men.  Is this the right charge?  Is incel terrorism? Borealis weighs in.

Canada is a nation of immigrants. It takes in 300,000 + a year. Does immigration pose a national security threat (i.e. are we letting in terrorists)? Borealis talks with Andrew Griffith, former Director General of Citizenship and Multiculturalism in the Canadian government.

For many people a strong faith is getting them through the coronavirus. Some, however, are demanding group worship at a time when collective physical distancing is necessary. Have a listen to why I think these people are religious extremists.

See also: Where is the COVID-19 terrorism spike?

As Fatima continues to push Pervin for more information she is raped by an ISIS fighter and kills him. Sulle is still being groomed by Ibbe, an ISIS recruiter, which leads to family tension. SAEPO is trying to figure out if the terrorist plot is real or ISIS fake news. Episode #3 is compelling - have a listen!

How realist is the depiction of ISIS in Caliphate? In this podcast, 30-year intelligence veteran and terrorism specialist Phil Gurski reviews episode 3 of this Netflix series.

Of all the political parties in Canada I would bet that the Green Party is one most Canadians would see as having a small input on national security issues. Well, you would be wrong!

Here is my conversation with Dimitri Lascaris, currently running to become the leader of the party, on all things terrorism and national security. Have a listen!

As we mark the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe – VE Day – we celebrate the sacrifices of the men and women who fought – and died – fighting Nazi Germany. So what about VT Day – Victory against Terrorism? Alas that day will never be here – have a listen as to why I think so.

Read more: https://borealisthreatandrisk.com/podcast-victory-in-europe-day/

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